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Purchase of hazelnuts

Purchase of hazelnuts

Our company has been buying hazelnuts on the territory of the Republic of Serbia since 2015.
From the experience we have gained in previous years, we offer you simple and professional cooperation.
Manufacturers are expected to:

  • to know what varieties it offers
  • what is the percentage of oblong hazelnuts in the total amount
  • what is the percentage of impurities (earth, twigs, stones)
  • to have an agricultural farm in active status

Price is formed on the basis of the stock market and product quality.

What does the hazelnut purchase procedure look like?

  • contact us
  • send us a 2 kg sample, which you took out of several bags.
  • We take a sample, do analysis and assessment of product quality
  • if your product meets our requirements, we offer you a price per kilogram.
  • We agree on transport and delivery date
  • goods must be bagged in bags of 30 kg
  • when taking over the goods, the goods are measured on the spot and together with the manufacturer we reach the total weight
  • payment is made while the goods are being loaded, in 15 minutes the money is in your account, you receive an SMS from the bank that the transaction has been successfully completed
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