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About us

The company GO ORGANIC DOO SUBOTICA was founded in 2013 and is a continuation of the production and processing of hazelnuts, which the founder has been dealing with since 2001.

The main activities of the company are:

  • purchase, processing, and final processing of hazelnuts as well as services related to the processing process (drying, dry washing, cracking, etc.)
  • import and sale of equipment of our partner CHIANCHIA SERVIS I DISTRIBUTION SRL, Cherasco Italia, which we represent as general distributors in the region.
  • production of hazelnut planting material.

The company has its own production of hazelnuts at the location of Mala Bosna, a processing center with storage capacity, as well as a rootstock for the production of planting material. As we have many years of experience in the production of hazelnuts, we provide consulting services related to the process of planting, maintenance of hazelnuts, selection of appropriate equipment for production and processing so that our customers choose the optimal solution for size and required capacity.

Go organic lesnik
Sadnice lesnika

Planting material

The hazelnut planting nursery is located 10 kilometers south of Subotica in Mala Bosna. Matičnjak was founded in 2003, and intensive production of planting material began in 2006.
All planting material has a valid certificate of the Ministry of Agriculture on varietal purity and a valid health certificate. We invite customers to personally see the quality of planting material, but also to learn more about the production of hazelnuts with a tour of the plantations.


Growing machines

The optimal annual needs of hazel for water in our conditions are from 700 to 800 mm, provided that they are properly distributed. The biggest needs are in the phase of intensive growth of young fruits and berries during May and June. In our conditions, those are the rainiest months. During the growing season, hazelnuts require a high relative humidity of 70 to 80%. For these reasons, it should be grown at higher altitudes and wetter terrain.